Mark Gavagan

I’m a novice and this has been really helpful:

(Temporarily) change the background color at each responsive breakpoint (link to official responsive design docs). For example:

<div class=”bg-red-200 sm:bg-yellow-200 md:bg-blue-200 lg:bg-green-200 xl:bg-purple-200 2xl:bg-pink-200 pt-4"><!-- put your code for the entire page here --></div>

The image below is automatically resized on Medium…

…but I’m sure you get the idea that as I make the browser window wider and wider, the background changes color, to help me recognize how things look at different browser window sizes:

Best of luck!



American flag

I’m certainly not an expert, but it seems really hard to have good discussions and arrive at the right decisions on proposed laws and policies, because there are so many trade-offs, unintended consequences, and less-than-forthright people involved.

I really think the country would be better off if every policy proposal were accompanied by these 3 required items:

(1) specific source for the ideas, supporting data/arguments and language being proposed (highlighting all direct and indirect lobbyist input);

(2) likely and possible trade-offs and negative externalities if what’s proposed takes place (sources to include a range of experts in the field and public comments); and

(3) short and long term costs and specific (committed) sources to pay these costs (or must specify “unfunded — will be added to government debt”)