Climate Change + Drought = More People and Water-Intensive Factories in the Southwest???

2018 photo of Lake Powell by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

I’m certainly not an expert, but unless the decades-long rainfall trend changes, the key question is:

Where will the needed water come from?

Here are a few articles on each topic above, so you can judge for yourself whether or not this is in fact a problem:

Rapid Population and Manufacturing Growth in the Southwest

Drought in the American West

Bonus: Taiwan chip manufacturing is being disrupted by drought:

The Chip Shortage Is Bad. Taiwan’s Drought Threatens to Make It Worse.
Island’s worst dry spell in half a century has added to the challenges facing a center of semiconductor manufacturing” (WSJ)

Taiwan Prays for Rain and Scrambles to Save Water — Some of the island’s lakes and reservoirs have nearly run dry. And water restrictions have forced many residents to modify how they shower, wash dishes and flush.” (NY Times)

Climate Change

National Drought Mitigation Center Drought Monitor —

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Between 3 and 9 feet tall

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Mark Gavagan

Mark Gavagan

Between 3 and 9 feet tall

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